My favorite crowd funding websites

I have a couple of new crowd funding websites that I have recently come across that I really like and plan to use. I think the model of being able to present your ideas to the community in a compelling way that people choose to partner with you in the creation of your idea is truly ground breaking. The first site is and I really like the variety of projects and creative ideas that are presented. Be sure to subscribe to their weekly email updates so you will get a list of some of the current top projects. When you come across a great project be sure to check out the types of rewards that are offered for each project. These can be equally as creative as the initial ideas themselves. One of the biggest projects that has received funding was for saving the movie “Blue Like Jazz” which raised close to $346,000. Most of the projects are much smaller but it shows the power of this great idea.  There are some unique guidelines to starting your project which can be found here. So why not start your own project today or back somebody elses project. Here is a video pitch for a project on the lost photography of Vivian Maier that I found very interesting.

Another site that I like a lot is It provides almost the same model as but you get your money for your project even if you don’t meet the deadline date.  These projects are equally as interesting and have some good partnership capabilities to help with the distribution of your media projects through iTunes, Amazon and Netflix.

What are your favorite crowd funding sites? Are there others? Please let me know if you’ve had a positive experience with either site. I’d like to hear your story.

Sencha Con User Conference – Learn about their cross platform developer tools

I came across this video of the opening session from the SenchaCon user conference held back in November. Looks like an exciting development tool that will allow developers to build mobile apps cross platform utilizing HTML5. They plan on releasing more videos form the conference here and announced a free to use version of Sencha Touch 1.0. This is their HTML5 mobile JavaScript framework that allows developers to create mobile web apps for the iPhone and Android touchscreen devices. I’d like to know if anyone has had experience using this development tool.

SenchaCon 2010: Welcome and Keynote Address from Sencha on Vimeo.