Big Omaha conference this week, watch free videos from last year

I’m always looking for great tech/interactive/entrepreneurial conferences and I think I’ve found another one that isn’t very far from my home. The conference is called Big Omaha and it looks like a mini SXSW here in America’s heartland. Is Omaha becoming the next Austin in the world of tech start-up and entrepreneurship?

My family was just up in Omaha last week to look at colleges for my daughter and we had a tremendous visit and were pleasantly surprised by how cool Omaha is. My wife Cathy captured the weekend great on this entry from her Uncommon Lifestyle blog.

There are several videos from last year’s conference that you might want to catch up on.

Check out the Kaneko Orgnization in the Old Market where the conference will be held.

One of my favorite talks from last year was this one by Scott Harrison the founder of Charity Water.

Scott Harrison – charity: water from Big Omaha on Vimeo.

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